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 The Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand aims to advance and expand the understanding of astronomy and its related fields. Its primary objective is to foster enthusiasm for astronomy and bring together a community of observers and other individuals who share a common interest in the advancement of science. Originally founded as the New Zealand Astronomical Society in 1920, it was granted a Royal Charter in 1946 and assumed its current name. In 1967, the Society was recognised as a Member Body of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

SWAPA Scholarships

Every year, RASNZ invites students from all over the country to compete in a short essay competition, where they have to explain why they would like to attend the annual RASNZ conference, usually held in May. The program aims to select ten students who have displayed academic excellence and a keen interest in astronomy to attend the conference.

Astronz Scholarships

Undergraduate students who are studying at a university in New Zealand and plan to attend the annual Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand conference can apply for the Astronz Scholarship, provided via the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand.

Auckland Astronomical Society

The Auckland Astronomical Society is proud to host this year's RASNZ conference, to celebrate with their centennial year. The AAS is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the advancement and promotion of astronomy and related sciences in the Auckland region. The society provides a platform for enthusiasts of all levels to come together and share their knowledge and passion for astronomy. The organisation regularly hosts public events, stargazing sessions, and lectures to promote astronomy education and awareness. The society also provides opportunities for members to participate in various observing programs, astrophotography competitions, and telescope workshops. The Auckland Astronomical Society was established in 1922 and has since grown to become one of the largest astronomical societies in New Zealand, with a vibrant community of members who share a common interest in exploring the universe around us.


2023 is the Auckland Astronomical Society's centennial year!

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