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Speakers & Presentations

RASNZ is proud to announce a lineup of exceptional speakers who will present on a wide range of topics related to astronomy and space science for the 2023 Conference. Our esteemed speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from academia, research institutions, and industry, and are guaranteed to provide engaging and informative presentations. From keynote speakers to university students, there is something for everyone at this year's conference.


With topics ranging from the latest breakthroughs in space exploration to the mysteries of the universe, attendees can look forward to an exciting and enlightening conference. . Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn and connect with other astronomy enthusiasts!

Session Speakers

Session speakers are the mainstay of the RASNZ Conference, and are typically New Zealand based research astronomers, industries and societies covering their areas of work and discoveries.


RASNZ is inviting session speakers to register for our event! Our sessions offer 20-minute slots to present on a range of topics. Whether you're an academic, researcher, industry professional or an amateur, we welcome all backgrounds. Join us to connect, network, and share ideas with like-minded individuals. 

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Student  Talks

The Students With A Passion for Astronomy program (SWAPA) has provided an excellent opportunity for young astronomers to make significant contributions. High school students and undergraduate students who are successful recipients of SWAPA scholarships can present on an area of personal interest or study for 5 and 10 minutes, respectively. This development allows students to showcase their passion for astronomy and share their knowledge with other attendees. Don't miss the chance to see these enthusiastic and talented students present at the conference!


We encourage all conference attendees to submit a poster on any relevant topic for display. The posters should be A1 in size and easily readable from an arm's length distance. If time permits, those presenting posters may be given a brief one-minute opportunity to introduce their poster at the podium. Don't miss the chance to share your research and ideas with fellow conference attendees through a poster presentation!

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