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Dining Options

Hotel Restaurant

The Wellington's Restaurant and Bar is located at the Waipuna Hotel. The menu and contact information for the restaurant can be found below. 

Sylvia Park Eateries

RASNZ is encouraging attendees to visit the Sylvia Park Mall for dinner on the Friday night. The mall boasts a diverse list of restaurants and offers something for every taste. It's a great destination for groups and conveniently located within walking distance (14 minutes or 1.1 Km) from Waipuna or just a quick drive with ample parking.


Although booking in advance is recommended, it's usually possible to just show up and choose from the numerous dining options. Click the button below to see a map of the location and dining options.

Food Delivery

There are a number of food delivery services such as Uber Eats, DeliverEasy and MenuLog that bring food from restaurants to your door. 

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