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Poster Presentations

Join us at the 2024 RASNZ Conference and present your latest research findings and ideas through a poster presentation. This is a unique opportunity to connect with peers, showcase your work visually, and participate in discussions that influence the field of astronomy and space science. Submit your presentation today!

Not sure where to start? Take a look at some previous posters presented at past RASNZ Conferences!

Some popular astronomy topics:

  1. Astronomy and Astrophysics

  2. Cosmology

  3. Planetary Science

  4. Observational Astronomy

  5. Astrophotography

  6. Science Education and Outreach in Astronomy

  7. Astrobiology and Exobiology

  8. Astrochemistry

  9. History of Astronomy

  10. Astronomy Instrumentation and Techniques

  11. Astronomy Data Analysis and Visualisation

  12. Space Missions and Exploration

  13. Solar Physics and Space Weather

  14. Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis

  15. Galaxies and their evolution

  16. Astronomy in Indigenous Cultures

  17. Space Ethics and Policy

  18. Astrostatistics and Machine Learning in Astronomy

  19. Amateur Astronomy and Citizen Science

  20. Astronomy in Popular Culture.

The topics listed above are intended to provide ideas to those seeking inspiration. However, we strongly encourage you to showcase an astronomy topic that ignites your passion, regardless of whether it is related to academia, your profession, or simply a personal interest!

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